Craig T. Byrnes runs the Firm. His practice is limited to employment litigation and discrimination in housing and public accommodations.

Mr. Byrnes has litigated many different types of cases, including high-profile discrimination matters. His cases have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, as well as on television and radio news programs.

Before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Byrnes was an engineer for N.A.S.A.'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, GTE, and TRW. He has experienced the corporate world, and he understands the needs of highly skilled professionals.

Honesty and professionalism describe Mr. Byrnes's practice. Employers' attorneys respect him, but they realize that they're in for a fight when they are on the opposite side of Mr. Byrnes. Opposing counsel has said, "Professionalism is his middle name," but call him "tough," "bright," and "unintimidatable."

Below are some of the people Mr. Byrnes has represented:

  • A high-level employee, fired because he refused to sign an illegal anti-solicitation agreement
  • A hospital aide, repeatedly assaulted by a co-worker
  • A receptionist, sexually harassed by the owner of the company, and fired when she complained
  • A director, illegally fired, and then sued, by his former employer
  • An office worker who witnessed racial and religious harassment, and then suffered retaliation when she reported what she saw

Mr. Byrnes has devoted his practice to protecting workplace rights. Obviously, we do not and cannot guarantee any particular outcome in your case. However, if you call us at 310-706-4177, we will evaluate your case for free.